Our tunable tongue drum has an ingenious tuning system with magnets that let you play six different scales so you can enjoy a variety of soundscapes. 

To switch to one or another scale, simply refer to the diagram inside the Beat Root tongue drum.

Next to the name of each scale is an illustration showing you where you need to place the magnets.

For example, the Zen scale requires two magnets, one on the green placeholder and another on the yellow one.

Inside view of Beat Root
Multiscale tongue drum

Inside our tunable tongue drum you will find:

A sticker representing the 6 scales

3 little magnets

5 colored markers

To change the scale of our tunable tongue drum:

Just place the magnets in the hollow of the colored markers you want, following the indications of the sticker.

The example above
represents the Space scale:

place 2 magnets against the red markers and 1 magnet against the green marker.

The example above represents the Zen scale:
place 1 magnet against the green marker and 1 magnet against the yellow marker.

Notes in each scale:

Happy ​: G. C. D. E. G. A. B. D. (G Major)
Zen ​: G. C. D. Eb. ​G. A. ​Bb. ​D. (G Minor)
Tribal :​ G. B. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Pentatonic) ​
Melancholia​ : G. C. D. ​Eb. ​G. A. ​Bb.  C.
Space ​: G. ​B.​ D. ​Eb.​ G. A. B. D.
Nature :​ G. C. D. E. G. A. ​Bb. C

Remarks: Please handle the magnets with care as a hard impact may damage the instrument's paint.
It is also recommended to keep the magnents away from electronic devices and magnetic cards.