how to play tongue drum

Getting started with your Beat Root tongue drum:

- Sit cross-legged or on a stool and place the instrument between your legs.

- We recommend to orient the tongue drum so that the deepest note is closest to you and the highest note is farthest.

- No musical or technical knowledge is required to start playing your tongue drum. You just have to let yourself go without thinking about the notes you are going to play. All the notes being part of the same scale, no false note is possible. You can enjoy playing beautiful melodies immediately :)

Three ways to play your Beat Root tongue drum:

- With the two provided mallets: Notes are easy to make, as the sound is powerful and muffled. This is the ideal approach to discover the instrument and create melodious and relaxing atmospheres.

- With a hand and a mallet: This is a very interesting approach as it lets you easily play melodies with the mallet while controlling the resonance with the other hand.

- With two hands: This is the most enjoyable way to play but also the most technical. As you can use any of your fingertips to make sounds, we recommend concentrating first on your thumbs, index and middle fingers. Make sure to hit the note quickly and slap your finger off the note to make it vibrate. If your finger stays on the note too long, it stops it from resonating. Tip: imagine the instrument is burning and you must remove the finger immediately after contact.

You can find tutorials on our YouTube channel: Beat Root Tuto & Scales.