At Beat Root we believe learning music should be fun, inspiring, and intuitive. That's why in this first tongue drum tutorial, we are not going to teach you how to play a melody (for that, do not hesitate to consult our tongue drum sheet music section) but rather to teach you how to improvise on your tongue drum.

If you are the proud owner of a Beat Root tongue drum, you must have noticed that after playing your tongue drum for a while, you start to repeat certain sequences of notes in an instinctive way.

Even being aware of this and trying to improvise, you fall back again and again on these same melodies which little by little imprison your creativity. Don't worry, it's a completely normal phase in learning tongue drum when you're a beginner.

If you recognize yourself in what we have just said, then this lesson is for you. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to let go of your usual playing patterns and really let loose on your tongue drum without trying to control anything. Because that is the key. When we play notes or melodies that we like, we instinctively come back to them because we like them. We then lock ourselves into the ease of what we know and begin to circle around in our comfort zone, not daring to move forward trying new things.

Now that we have your full attention, it's time for you to start your first tongue drum lesson.

Lesson 2: Learn how to improvise with your tongue drum  >>>