A unique tongue drum with a deep and melodious sound

A percussion instrument inspired by the hang drum

The Beat Root a unique tongue drum with a deep and melodious sound

Our steel tongue drums

Multi Scale Tongue Drum

Multi Scale Tongue Drum

The Multi-Scale tongue drum comes with a great tuning system which turns it into a 6 scales tongue drum and is equipped with a built-in microphone and a 6.3 mm jack for endless possibilities.

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tongue drum Beat Root Full Tone

Full Tone Tongue Drum

Tongue drum with the full range of traditional notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) with 4 interchangeable scales and equipped with a microphone and a jack. Ideal for playing music sheet or for music introduction.

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432Hz Multi Scale Tongue Drum

432Hz Multi Scale Tongue Drum

Tongue drum tuned in 432hz with microphone, jack and 6 interchangeable scales thanks to its very easy to use tuning system. The 432hz frequency is known to be a frequency of healing and happiness.

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Treat yourself and get a multi-scale Beat Root!

tunable tongue drum Beat Root

Discover our electro-acoustic tunable tongue drum: 4 colors available and 6 great sounding scales into 1 tongue drum!

With its innovative tuning system, switch from major to minor or pentatonic scales in the blink of an eye!

Multi Scale Tongue Drum

BEAT ROOT videos

BEAT ROOT family

From hip-hop to psychedelic music and rock, Beat Root has found its way into various musical projects. Come discover the artists who have used it in their music.

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What is a tongue drum ?

The tongue dum is a new musical instrument whose soft and relaxing sound is very appreciated for meditation, yoga, music therapy ... Its handling is very easy and the fact that no false note is possible is making it the perfect instrument for the musical awakening of both children and adults. Everyone can start playing without any difficulty and find pleasure with just a few notes.

Is it easy to play tongue drum?

Yes of course! There is no skill required to start playing a tongue drum. There is no need to learn music theory either to be able to play tongue drum. From the first grip you will understand how easy it is to play a musical instrument of this kind. If you have never played a musical instrument before, chances are you will remember all your life the first note you play on it. The feeling of pleasure you will experience at this moment is such that it will remain etched in your heart for a very long time. These simple moments of playing music while forgetting everything else are the basis of music therapy and the tongue drum is the most suitable musical instrument for music therapy.

Why Beat Root is the best tongue drum for beginners?

The tongue drum Beat Root is the first tunable tongue drum bringing together 6 different scales in a single instrument. Its innovative tuning system allows you to switch from one scale to another in the blink of an eye. You can play relaxing and introspective melodies as well as more playful and energizing tunes while being able to record your play easily with its equipped microphone and jack wire. Find the scale that corresponds to your emotion of the moment and let you flow in the music you create !