Multiscale Tongue Drum

The Multi-Scale Beat Root tongue drum is the first tongue drum regrouping 6 different scales in one tongue drum. It has the same characteristics as the electro-acoustic version (equipped with a piezzo microphone and a 6.3 mm jack plug) but most of all it comes with an ingenious system of tuning which allows you to pass from one scale to another in a few seconds only!

This tunable tongue drum is perfect for those who want to experience different scales with their tongue drum (Major, Minor, Pentatonic etc…), to play in varied musical contexts or to make awesome easy recordings!

The Multi-scale electro-acoustic Beat Root’s huge range of sounds allows you even more musical experimentations, playing alone or with a band.





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The Multi Scale tongue drum is a melodic percussion instrument that promotes self-expression through music. Its soft, relaxing and melodious sounds make it a popular instrument for music therapy and relaxology. Its handling is very easy and playful so that from the first try you can create melodies that will enchant you with their beauty. No worries to have while playing it as no false note is possible. You just have to let it go and enjoy the moment.

The Beat Root Multiscale tongue drum is the first tongue drum where you can choose to play between 6 different scales in one tongue drum. The 6 scales have been chosen with care so that you can have different melodies according to your moods. The Zen scale, for example, is perfect for meditative atmospheres while the Happy scale has warm and cheerful sounds. The transition from one scale to another is very fast and takes only a few seconds thanks to an ingenious tuning system.

Thanks to its microphone and jack wire you can plug the Beat Root Multiscale to an amp (Guitar or Bass), an effect pedal or a sound card for infinite possibilities. You can also simply play it with your hands or mallets without anything else as no electricity is needed to make it work. Enjoy playing your Multiscale tongue drum in nature, forest, in a live band with other musicians or in a music studio. Everything is possible and everything has been designed so that you can easily enjoy playing music and creating beautiful melodies even if you have never played a musical instrument before.

The Beat Root Multi Scale tongue drum is made of the same alloy as the acoustic and electro-acoustic version and is all made in France. It is shaped and cut using advanced technology and tuned in our workshop in Besançon.

Detailed notes for each scale:

Happy: G. C. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Major scale)
Zen: G. C. D. Eb. G. A. Bb. D. (Minor scale)
Tribal: G. B. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Pentatonic scale)
Melancholia: G. C. D. Eb. G. A. Bb. C.
Space: G. B. D. Eb. G. A. B. D.
Nature: G. C. D. E. G. A. Bb. C

You can use your hands or mallets (included) to play the instrument. The Multi Scale Beat Root tongue drum is the ideal choice for those who want more versatility out of a tongue drum.


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30 x 30 X 17 cm

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Full Tone Tongue Drum

The Beat Root Full Tone tongue drum in C is a tongue drum which has the particularity of offering the 7 notes of the C scale plus the octave (acute C), and which offers 4 scales in the same instrument: C Major, C minor natural, C minor harmonic and C minor melodic.

You can change the range very easily and very quickly thanks to the “BR tuning System”, less than 10 seconds are enough to go from one range to another, no musical knowledge is required and there is no need to electronic tuner because we place colored stickers in the precise place where the magnets must be positioned.

The Full Tone tongue drum, due to the ranges it offers, makes it an ideal instrument for composition, musical awakening, relaxation, meditation, etc.

It can be complementary to the Beat Root Multi Scale as it consists of the same notes (except the F) but organized differently. Playing 2 Beat Root tongue drum side by side with common notes produces a natural “chorus”, in fact the identical notes resonate with each other and give us a beautiful “spinning” sound!

Available only in White.





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432Hz Multiscale Tongue Drum

432Hz Multiscale Tongue Drum

For purists we also offer our Multi Scale tongue drum tuned in 432Hz.

It is a frequency that doesn't match with conventional instruments tuned in 440Hz.

On the other hand, this frequency is supposed to have therapeutic virtues acting on well-being and relaxation.

Also the number 432 appears in the reports of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the precession of the equinoxes, the Great

Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, Sri Yantra and many other holy sites.

We manufacture these instruments only on order (approximately 1 month delay).





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Price $496.00
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