The Beat Root Multiscale is the only tongue drum that allows you to play 6 different scales. Switching from one scale to another is very easy and takes only a few seconds. 
(See our How to change the scale of your Beat Root Multiscale tongue drum for more information on our tuning system).

The 6 scales available on our Multiscale tongue drum are all different from each other to cover all the moments you would like to play your tongue drum. So whether you're in an introspective, melancholic or warm and cheerful mood, your Beat Root will accompany you in every emotion you want to express. 

The Happy scale for a positive outlook of lifeG C D E G A B D

The Happy scale is the original Beat Root tongue drum scale and does not require any magnets.
Based on the G major scale, it inspires feelings of joy and well-being as well as an openness to the world.
Intuitive and easy to play, this scale is ideal for starting out.

The Zen scale for deep relaxation​G C D​ Eb ​G A ​Bb ​D

This is our favorite scale!
Based on G minor, the Zen scale is perfectly suited for relaxing melodies.
It requires two magnets, one on the green and another on the yellow placeholder.
Rather introspective sonically, the Zen scale creates a deep sense of inner peace.
The scale’s simple and natural beauty alongside its Eastern timbre makes it a worthy option for creating music.

The Tribal scale for exotic and invigorating sonic landscapesG ​B​ D E G A B D

A major pentatonic scale, the Tribal scale requires two magnets (one each on the red placeholders).
It will instantly create an exotic and energizing ambiance!
Let yourself go and you’ll be surprised by the lively rhythms it brings out of you.

The Melancholia scale for a gentle melancholy​G C D ​Eb ​G A ​Bb C​

A complex and introspective minor scale, Melancholia lets you build beautiful melodies tinged with sweet melancholy.
It requires three magnets (green, yellow, and blue).
Used in a meditative setting or to accompany singing, guitar or piano, this scale unites the energies of the Earth and sky.

The Space scale for celestial sonic journeys​G ​B ​D ​Eb ​G A B D

The Space scale invites you to explore the heavens!
It requires three magnets (two on the red and one on the yellow placeholder) and lets you create unique musical landscapes that are sonically sweeping, even cinematographic.
Explore the cosmos, voyage to the edges of the universe and let your creative energy flow!

The Nature scale for a breath of fresh airG C D E G A ​Bb C​

Pure and contemplative, the Nature scale is another major scale; it requires two magnets, one on the yellow and another one the blue placeholder.
It sometimes evokes the calm and strength of a forest of centuries-old trees and sometimes the stimulating and life-giving force of a river serenely tracing its path across verdant fields.

To find out how to choose the scale you want on your Beat Root tongue drum, follow the road:
How to change the scale of your Beat Root tongue drum